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At the age of twelve Dan began taking pictures with an old, large negative still camera and a Weston light meter handed down by his father and an uncle. This began a lifetime of being fascinated by light and the image captured in a camera. In middle school, based on his painting, he was among three students for whom an advanced art class was created.  However, his passion for images ignited when he was given his father’s home movie camera and Dan learned to work with moving images.  He started by making his own 8mm films. Next, it was 16mm and college where he studied theater and acting as well as film. This lead to his first professional position in the industry: working for Wayne StateUniversity’s professional television and film department.
By now, Dan has been in the film and media business in general for almost thirty years. …The last twenty-six spent as an independent Cameraman in both the roles of Director of Photography and Camera Operator.
In that time, he has worked on award winning and nominated television shows: “PBS Late Nite” with Dennis Wholley, television specials: “Miracle on Fort Street”, short & feature length documentaries:“Seven Artists, Seven Spaces” , “Roger & Me”, “American Auto” and feature films: as D.P. “Chameleon Street”, “Sleep of Reason”, “Intent” and as a Camera Operator on “Cedar Rapids” and others.
While primarily focused on the artistic skills of Lighting & Composition, Dan’s technical knowledge and experience includes: 35mm and 16mm film as well most of the current digital formats such as used in the Sony F-35, Red One Cine, Sony Ex-1 Arri-D21 and many others.
As an Operator Dan is skilled in both tripod and dolly mounted work as well as hand held camera operation.
Dan lives with his wife and two children in Michigan, but enjoys traveling for pleasure and work often packing a camera and a guitar. His hobbies include photography music and skiing.

Examples of his work can be viewed on this web site.
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